Getting started FAQ

How should I set up the consultation room for optimal use of the platform?

Choose a quiet room to minimize background noise for clearer transcriptions. Also, place the recording device to equally capture your patient's and your voice.

How can I prepare my patients for the initial use of MarianaAI and ensure their comfort?

Obtain patient consent prior to using MarianaAI. Explain to the patients, if any changes are there in the appointment flow, such as speaking more to facilitate accurate transcriptions, and reassure them about the process.

What types of training does MarianaAI provide for physicians?

At MarianaAI, the trainings are tailored to match each physician’s familiarity and comfort with technology. During these sessions, we guide them through the platform’s features, ensuring they can leverage MarianaAI effectively in their daily practice.

Training is provided during the initial pilot phase and continues after Go-Live phase, in smaller groups for personalized attention

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