Meet CARE by MarianaAI

Hey there! Navigating the healthcare world can be tricky, right? It's all about being efficient, accurate, and a step ahead. That's where CARE by MarianaAI comes in.

Your Supercharged AI Scribe

What makes CARE by MarianaAI stand out? It's a one-of-a-kind platform blending advanced AI with precision and accuracy. From tackling medical coding to providing real-time clinical insights, CARE handles it all securely.

CARE's Features at a Glance

  • Pre-Encounter: CARE generates detailed Patient Portraits by analyzing extensive patient histories, even dating back to birth. It also excels in capturing HCC codes for providers in value-based models.

  • During the Encounter: CARE elevates patient-provider interactions with real-time transcription and clinical decision support, utilizing both current conversations and comprehensive patient histories.

  • Post-Encounter: CARE efficiently handles documentation, coding, and follow-up communications, significantly reducing the administrative load for clinicians.

CARE's Got Something for Everyone

CARE isn't just for one type of healthcare hero; it's for all of you.

  • Physicians and Medical Practitioners: Wave goodbye to paperwork. CARE reduces administrative burdens with AI-powered documentation and medical coding, allowing physicians to focus more on patient care.

  • Healthcare Administrators: Seamless integration with EHR systems, efficient coding, risk assessment and enhanced clinical intelligence make administration smoother and more effective. These tools result in streamlined workflows, reduced errors, and improved revenue management.

  • Health Plan Providers and Managed Care Organizations: CARE ensures thorough and accurate data collection, improving risk assessments and decision-making, potentially increasing revenue.

  • Healthcare IT and Telehealth Platforms: By incorporating MarianaAI's solutions, the value offered to end-users significantly increases, including superior transcription services and clinical decision support.

  • Medical Education and Research Institutions: Need rich insights and resources? CARE's your go-to for understanding complex medical chats. CARE provides valuable insights and resources, especially in transcribing complex medical dialogues.

The MarianaAI Advantage

Choosing us means you're joining hands with a team that's all about pushing boundaries in healthcare. Our AI tools are always getting smarter, tailored to what the US healthcare sector needs.

And yes, we're super serious about keeping data private, secure, and in line with regulations. While our tools are HIPAA and SOC 2-compliant, they're also fully deployable within your organization's firewalls - offering true military-grade security.

Plus, our support team and our Slack community are here to make sure you're never flying solo with MarianaAI.

Be Part of the Healthcare Revolution

With MarianaAI, you're not just choosing a tool; you're stepping into the future of healthcare, powered by AI. Have any queries? Drop an email to or ring us at +1 831 830 0454.

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